Joshua Rene Answers Question 1

I cannot agree with you more! In a time when Amherstburg cannot continue to spend, it seems like that is all we keep doing. I believe that the root of the issue can be traced back our endless amount of CAO’s, and the split that has divided this Council. Two very toxic issues that are enough to lower the moral at any workplace! I propose a hiring freeze on all senior level management until such time the new Council can meet with them and discuss what they believe Council and Administration can do to make their jobs with the town enjoyable and a little easier. We cannot continue down this path! Sometimes I think politicians forget that they are there to serve the people not the other way around. Amherstburg will not recover if we cannot learn to get along! Communication is key and that is something I will bring to the table if elected.

Kindest regards,

Joshua Rene
Council Candidate

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