Joan Courtney Answers Question 1

Thank-you for your question. I completely agree that we have a major problem at Town Hall in terms of retaining employees, especially in the higher positions. If you read the River Town Times you will see that this is part of my platform.When you see a steady turnover of employees something is wrong. Longtime employees who are abruptly on sick leave or stress leave is not a coincidence. If elected I would try to find a common thread between these leaves of absence as well as the frequent turnover in senior administration. There has to be something permeating the atmosphere. Fear? Intimidation? Those are the two that come to my mind. I would want to know how many people we’be had on stress or sick leave in 2012-2014.I would also want to know how many employees were dismissed and how long they had worked for the Town. How many golden handshakes were given costing the taxpayers how much? How many new employees were hired (at a higher wage?) then their predecessors were given. How many new positions were created with a possible duplication of services? I realize that some of this information may be protected by the Right To Privacy Act. But there should still be plenty of answers we can get if we just dig deep enough.
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                  Joan Courtney