Bart DiPasquale Answers Questions 2 through 5

In response to questions 2 thorugh 5, posted on the Questions page, Bart DiPasquale answered:

2.  I do not support arbitrary firings in any way. This term poisonous work environment has been used by the Mayor in the past. It appears there could be a bad environment which will be mended with the new leadership.

3.  Always have  supported a full audit. We were offered the review and didn’t really have a choice after council was assured the review would also look at other matters which may have stood out.

4.  They are usually ready by the Wednesday or sometimes Thursday before the meetings. Is usually enough time to review and ask questions before the meetings.

5.  The Heritage District I believe would help tourism but with the many other matters before council , many are financial , Heritage District has taken a back burner position.