Joan Courtney Answers Questions 2 through 5

In response to questions 2 through 5, posted on the Questions page, Joan Courtney answered:

2.  The evidence of toxic work culture is alive like a virus at Amherstburg Town Hall in my humble opinion. As I said in Question 1 the turnover in administration is alarming. There seems to be a juggling act going on; and with no definite administrative plan in place there is bound to be a breakdown in morale. I was shocked to see that there was an “office” in the lobby at the Town Hall! How sad for the person working under those conditions. This suggests to me that if we no longer have the space for our administration we have to explore the idea that perhaps we need a new building or perhaps we are “top” heavy. As I am not a councillor I’m not sure what the best way is to solve the work culture problem. But I would like to start by eracing the lines in the sand and moving to full disclosure between Council and Administration.

3.  I absolutely believe in a full audit. I am astounded that there is still a duly voted and passed motion for an audit that was never rescinded and is floating around out there in cyberspace. That is WRONG and is totally against proper procedure for motions. Any Councillor who decided to ignore the first motion does not understand his or her postion. And after four years there is no excuse for that. The report by Deloitte did help in terms of procedures. But an audit gives us the numbers, and we need both.

4.  This is quite easy to answer. We would make a motion to receive the agenda perhaps a day earlier after comparing what other Councils and School Boards are doing. I prefer a hard copy so I can make notes.

5.  I would be most happy to work with Town Adminstration and the Heritage Committee to bring to Amherstburg a healthy and active Heritage District. I agree that towns which can offer areas of culture and history will attract families, tourists, seniors and school tours. Combine that with our other attractions and the inflow to Amherstburg would definitely increase as well as offering valuable historical knowledge about this area.