Joshua Rene Answers Questions 2 and 3

In response to questions 2 through 5, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene answered:

2.  I believe toxic work culture is an understatement! For me it breaks down to lack of communication between Council and Administration. One side against the other if you will. With a lack of direction making its way down from the Council level, its no wonder there is a revolving door with senior management. To fix this everyone has to be on the same page. We CANNOT keep dishing out money that we don’t have! The new Council needs to get a reign on this before Amherstburg finds itself in a situation that cannot be fixed.

3.  From the beginning I have always been 100% for a FULL financial audit. The residents of Amherstburg have spoken and been ignored! We need to collect every piece of evidence that could help us move forward from this! I would like to see more accountability from this administration.  Remember you are elected to serve the people!