Jason Lavigne Answers Questions 1 through 4

In response to questions 1 through 6, posted on the Questions page, Jason Lavigne answered:

1.  It is no secret that the current mayor and CAO have difficulties leading the corporation and are extremely confrontational with not only employees but also members of the public. The leadership has been lacking and this will hopefully be corrected with a new mayor and council. The tools to run a successful company are already in place, Amherstburg ran smoothly with little employee turnover before the current council.

I believe this question is similar to question 1 and the answer is also similar. Yes I believe there is currently a toxic work environment at town hall. New leadership will hopefully correct the unhealthy relationship between council and administration.

I gave a presentation to council in January asking for a full audit and presented over 500 signatures on a petition supporting this request. I still agree that a full audit was required. I believe everyone knows that the current and last council overspent with no concern for tax dollars which is the main reason Amherstburg is in the current situation. The difficulty that now exists is that there is no money left to spend. $100,000 was spent on the financial review. A full audit would likely cost double that. It will be a difficult decision for the new council, choosing to spend more money to make sure every dollar was properly accounted for, or move on from the negative financial mess and learn from the mistakes making sure the proper safeguards are now in place.

4.  The deadline for additions to Monday council meetings should be changed from Friday to a day earlier in the week. As well the current delegation rule requiring 1 week prior notice should be changed to correspond with the agenda deadline.