Questions 7 and 8 For The Candidates

Questions 7 and 8 have been submitted via the feedback form and are posted on the Ask The Candidates page but all questions to date are summarized here:

  1. toxic culture at Town Hall?
  2.  cost of staff turnover?
  3.  support a full independent audit?
  4. change process to receive agendas earlier?
  5. will you work with Town Administration and Heritage Committee to bring a much needed Heritage District to Amherstburg?
  6. will you obtain OPP costing, remove OPP takeover clause and if running for re-election, why did you not consider doing the above?
  7. What do you believe is the Town’s role in Tourism? Is Tourism an essential service which benefits all taxpayers? We have a tourism and cultural department that has ballooned to an annual budget of over one million dollars. This department was started with a $60,000 Trillium grant from the Provincial government to help the Town promote itself. Where are we today?
  8. How will you curtail spending and pay down the debt? Would you eliminate jobs? Would you reduce each department’s budget?

If or when responses are received, they will posted on the Candidate Answers page.