Questions 9, 10, 11 For The Candidates

Questions 9, 10, 11, submitted via the feedback form, are set out below and have been added to all the questions to date on the Ask The Candidates.

Question 9:  What will you do if elected to ensure that all communities in Amherstburg such as Kingsbridge, Pointe West, Golfview, McGregor and Malden have parks, sidewalks and walkable neighbourhood commercial and institutional destinations?

Question 10:  What will you do to help establish regional transit within walking distance of all Amherstburg communities so that residents do not have to rely on car travel to commute to work or get to appointments in Windsor?

Question 11:  There has been much discussion about the financial and economic issues Amherstburg is facing.  What is your understanding and your thoughts about the societal and environmental issues facing the communities that comprise Amherstburg?

If or when candidates respond, their answers will be posted on the Candidate Answers page.