Joshua Rene Answers Questions 9 Through 11

In response to questions 9 through 11, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene’s answers are below; his answers to earlier questions can be read on the candidate answers page.

Q 9.  I have always said that Amherstburg doesn’t begin and end with its down town core. Every last citizen deserves a fair representation from its elected officials. Kingsbridge, Pointe West, Golfview, McGregor, and Malden all have amazing things to offer and should not be forgotten. Council is expected to provide a safe and welcoming community for all its residents. Part of this is making sure that sidewalks are in good repair, roads are not going to destroy cars, and parks are well maintained and safe for our children. I have spoken to a couple of residents that want to explore the possibility of a dog park for our four legged friends. People take pride in their communities and Council should be nurturing this.

Q 10.  I hold this issue near and dear! Personally I do not understand why this is not already been implemented. I strongly believe that our community size will support a community transit system. Now i am not saying that it has to be comparable in size to Transit Windsor, something slightly smaller will do. What we are doing is asking our residents to dish out high amounts of money to pay for a cab or gas money. Why? Part of the reason we lose people to Windsor is because of the convenience. The ability to get to one side of Windsor to the other in the fraction of time and money it would otherwise cost. I will work strongly to ensure that this idea is entertained in put into motion. We cannot keep delaying issues like this, it is bad for business!

Q 11.  This is a very good question.


I truly believe that as a community we must not be side tracked on one issue. I believe this is part of the reason that Amherstburg is in this mess! I have always been an advocate for a responsible environmental impact. We must ensure that our community survives for generations to come. I believe that our community has done a reasonable job to protect its citizens from outside environmental influence. If I am elected to Council I will keep close contact with all levels of government to ensure that our residents are protected and can enjoy a safe and clean community.


I hear all the time of the toxic work environment at town hall, with low moral and high turn over! This unfortunately does not confine itself to the four walls of the municipal building. As residents we naturally take some pride in our town, and its success. This however for some has become increasingly difficult. He said she said has become the norm here in Amherstburg. The negative repercussions are endless! Loss of investment and future business opportunities, and residents packing up and leaving! What the new Council should be doing is starting from square one. Gather all the facts, recommendations and LISTEN to the residents! They need to be able to show the residents that they are able to work together towards a brighter future for Amherstburg.