Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Questions 1 Through 6

In response to questions 1 through 13, summarized below and posted on the Questions page, Councillor Pouget’s answers follow; all answers to date are also on the candidate answers page.

1.  Toxic Culture At Town Hall
It is my belief the new Council must collectively inform the new CAO, that Council makes the decisions and the CAO must take direction from Council.  Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  The current CAO has hired and terminated employees without Council’s direction.  This type of behavior will continue as long as there is a 4-3 division on Council.

2.  Work With Admin to Fix Toxic Culture
Yes, I believe there is a toxic work culture in many departments throughout the Amherstburg Work Force.  I believe the main reason is due to the fear of being terminated at any time, just because that person “doesn’t fit in.”  Further to that, several employees have been promoted without a fair competition and without the qualifications to suit that position.  It is of the utmost importance, that all promotions in the past one and half years must be re-evaluated by Council and the new CAO.

3.  Support Full Independent Audit
Yes.  I did support a full independent audit of the Town’s finances.

4.  Increase Time To Study Agenda
I do support Council receiving information regarding the agenda by Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting.  It is imperative the new Council refuse to accept the information administration tries to sneak in at the last minute, because a member of Council does not have the time to prepare and often makes wrongful decisions when this happens.  Administration calls this last minute information a Supplementary.

5.  Bring Heritage District To Amherstburg
Yes.  I will definitely work with administration and the Heritage Committee regarding the Heritage District.  It is very unfortunate, that administration has dragged their heels on this issue, due to the fact, there were several members of Council who did not support this project.

6.  Obtain OPP Costing, Remove Contract Clause
Yes.  It is only common sense that one should compare costs, whether it is police, banking, engineering, garbage pick up, etc.  I believe it is of the utmost importance to remove the OPP clause, because it is unfair to our residents and should never have been included in the police contract.