Aldo DiCarlo’s Answer to Inaccessible Verdi Club Debate

Aldo DiCarlo submitted the following via the comments to the original post and it is being repeated here.

I spoke with a representative at the Amherstburg Chamber who explained to me that the Libro Centre was not available for the scheduled nights. I cannot speak to rescheduling as that is the will of the Chamber. After being told that someone would try to keep watch for individuals who need assistance, I suggested using high school students, who could allocate the time as community hours. This would ensure having someone specifically for access and providing an opportunity for high school students to accrue hours while being exposed to the challenges of people with disabilities. Although I do not have a physical disability, I am sensitive to those that do, and that not all disabilities are visible. As a Facilitator for CUPE National, I’ve attended and teach workshops specifically about disabilities in the workplace, as well as many others. Having grown up on Texas Road I have an emotional, as well as a community, attachment to the Verdi Club and would like to help keep events there. I thank you for raising this issue, and in turn, I will also contact the Verdi Club and try to facilitate the installation of accessible entrances for the future.
Aldo DiCarlo

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  1. As a follow up, I have spoken to the new President of the Verdi Club and apparently the Club is in the process of having the accessible doors installed. They were already aware of the need for the upgrade and the issue raised here. They assured me that there would be people there to assist those who require it. Hope this helps in the interim.
    Aldo DiCarlo

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