Glenn Swinton Answers Question 14 – Flooding

In response to Question 14 about repeated home owners’ flooding posted in the previous post and on the Questions page, Glenn Swinton’s answer follows; all answers to date are also on the candidate answers page.

This question will be difficult for anyone not immersed in the town operations on a day to day basis. There are several factors that could be leading to the flooding of your home. The first important question is, where is it coming from? Does it enter your home from a storm or sanitary sewer connection? Is it ground water accumulating under your home and rising up from the sump pit to a degree that your pump cannot maintain safe levels? Is it infiltrating the foundation or building up so high on the exterior of your house that it is entering through an opening close to the ground level?

You indicated that you have photographs of water rising out of the city rainwater drains in the street. This is usually an indication that the system is being overloaded and the excess water is being forced out of the system by back pressure. You have further indicated that this is the third flood that you have had to address. Is each flood from the same source? Has there ever been a recommendation to install a back flow preventer from any of the contractors that performed the flood damage repairs?
Unfortunately, to answer your question there really isn’t a plan that anyone will be able to honestly give to you without knowing the extensive data that would exist on your existing sewer system. Before a plan can be conveyed, it is important to know what the town has already done to investigate the cause and what the results of that investigation were.
As a councillor with an understanding of construction principals, I would certainly be willing to look further into this issue on your behalf and work with you and the others effected in your neighbourhood in finding a sensible resolution.