Question 14 For The Candidates – Flooding

Question 14, submitted via the feedback form, is below and has been added to all the questions to date on the Ask The Candidates page.

Q 14.  I would like to know what the real plan is to start control some of these recent floodings in the area, as a twice flooded and $74,000 insurance claim in 2011 less $1000 deductible and a 2nd $20,000 insurance claim now Sept 2014 less another $1000 deductible and loss of flood coverage moving forward need some real answers.. I called town hall and was told “We are not talking flood complaints at this time” … for real?? All that did was anger me more, I’m out $2000 now and risking greater loss if this happens again and being left in the dark with no communication from the town.. I have seen the old plan of disconnecting eaves trough lines from the street which I might add were done when these homes were built 25-35 years ago and direct that rain water onto the lawns, this will solve nothing because I have pictures and video of my street with water blasting out of the storm and sewer covers flooding the area several times since Aug 2011 and whether roof top rain water dumps into the sewers or flooded streets isn’t going to matter because it will still end up in the same place, peoples homes..  My home value is decreased, I’m stressed to the max and with already suffering from health issues don’t know where to turn or what to say.. I’m paying $2500 a year is property taxes for all this!

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