Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions To The Candidates

The following are Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s questions to the candidates in the upcoming election for Amherstburg and Kingsville and are published here with his permission. Some of the questions for the Kingsville candidates are specific to that municipality, while others can be easily put to any candidate.

Amherstburg Candidates
Prospective Candidate Questions Re: Municipal Financial Management:

Prospective Questions:

  1. Question: What is “Transparency” in municipal financial management terms?
  1. Question: What is “Accountability”?
  1. Question: What is a “Budget”?
  1. Question: What is the Municipal Assessment “Mill Rate”? What is Amherstburg’s current residential Mill Rate? Supplemental Question: What is the Name of the Agency Responsible for municipal property assessments?
  1. Question: What is Council’s role in respect to Infrastructure Municipal Debenture funding?

Prospective Municipal Financial Management Questions for Deputy Mayor and Mayoralty Candidates:

  1. Question: a). What is the Municipal Performance Measurement Programme (MPMP)?; b) Roughly, how many Service Areas must be reported upon by every municipality in Ontario?; c) By what date, each year, must a Municipality file its annual returns?; d) What are the measures against which all municipal Service Areas are to be assessed and reported annually? And, finally, to the best of your knowledge has Amherstburg diligently and regularly met those MPMP requirements?
  1. Question: What is the Role of the Mayor and Council in respect to Debenture Funding through Infrastructure Ontario (IO) of major infrastructure construction projects?
  1. Question: If the Mayor (and Deputy Mayor), on the advice of the responsible municipal financial officer (Treasurer) determine that a Municipal Debt needs to be funded, what fiscal and financial tools would you select?
  1. Question: Budgets, are statements of Intent. In what form are annual expenditure budgets submitted to Amherstburg Council? Are they “Line-Item Budgets”? Or, “Object of Expenditure “ or, “Both”?
  1. Question: Are you familiar with the role and purpose of a municipal audit? What is a “Performance” Audit? And, (if needed), what is a Value for Money Audit?

 Kingsville Candidates:

  1. What are your basic, and primary qualifications for the responsibility of Kingsville Municipal Council?
  1. What are your three Primary municipal policy concerns?
  1. Are you fully prepared to devote the time (40 to 60 hours weekly), energy, and accessibility to serving the Kingsville community?
  1. Do you have a view on the issue of mobile advertising signs?
  1. How would you deal with the growing traffic chaos along Kingsville’s Main Street East from approximately Shoppers Drugs to Pelee Island Winery?
  1. Kingsville has an Arts Centre in the old Library. To what extent do you believe the Town of Kingsville should subsidize or otherwise financially support that facility?
  1. Are you familiar with the Ontario Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) and what its consequences are for Kingsville? Have you reviewed the Town of Kingsville’s most recent required Report under the MPMP program?
  1. Are you familiar with the role of the Ontario Municipal Board in respect to Zoning and Planning in Kingsville?
  1. If Kingsville required Debenture funding for infrastructure renovations and/or development, how would that Debenture be funded?
  1. When was the last time you personally reviewed Kingsville’s most recent Municipal Budget?

Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John,
Director, Canterbury Eldercollege,
Editorial Columnist, and,
Professor Emeritus, Public Administration,
Department of Political Science,
University of Windsor

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  3. Great questions, if residents want change they need councilors who KNOW these things, and wont pass the buck to administration or spin some bs to the media

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