Chad Barrette Answers Question 17 Re Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg

Chad Barrette’s answer is:

I live outside of the historical core of Amherstburg and we could use an upgrade to our park and would certainly welcome multi-use trails and sidewalks.  I can tell you that riding my bike down third concession can be nerve-racking when cars and trucks whiz by at 90 km/hr.  I believe in quality municipal infrastructure that is sustainable in the long run.  In the first three months of council I propose that we have a committee made of citizens that are representative of all areas of Amherstburg to advise council of their infrastructure wants and needs.  Council can look at the list to help guide us in our decisions in upgrading infrastructure according to need.

Although there are many infrastructure needs throughout our town, council must be aware that we are under financial constraints. We must right the fiscal ship first then we can start to reinvest in our parks and sidewalks and trails.

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