Chad Barrette Answers Question 18 Re Police Contract Poison Pill Clause

Chad Barrette’s answer is:

As one of Canada’s safest communities, the Amherstburg Municipal Police Force  are doing a fine job and we should carefully weigh the pros and cons of replacing them with the O.P.P.. I believe in fair and sustainable contracts for all employee groups and the so called poison pill clause would make the replacement of the force with the O.P.P. very expensive indeed. I would like to see it eliminated or modified to at least eliminate the possibility of those who get picked up by the O.P.P. to not receive thousands of dollars for keeping a comparable job.

The elimination of this clause should be seriously looked at in the next set of negotiations as it is very cost prohibitive for the citizens of Amherstburg.  As  I have said in a previous post there is a new O.P.P. funding model being implemented by the province.  It would be wise to see how this new model pans out before we go searching to replace our current force.

It will be interesting to see if the current council will try to make a quick decision on the police contract before the next council is sworn in.

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