Marty Adler Answers Questions 14 Re Flooding and 15 Re 67 Million Debt

Marty Adler’s first answers to the questions are:

Question 14. Flooding
It is my opinion that once a resident has done all they can to prevent flooding, and flooding still persists during torrential downpours, then the problem lies with the town. You appear to have taken all the steps necessary, and there is no excuse for not trying to set your mind at ease when calling for help. Near the top of my platform list is the connection of the new water sewage treatment plant as soon as possible. I have a way to find the money to accomplish this. It is a priority for me when attracting development. A benefit for the residents (you), is this new connection will take the burden off the current system. Please know how important this is to me.

Question 15. 67 Million Debt
It is my understanding that the debt at the end of the year is projected to be $46 million, but what is $21 million dollars amongst friends. 61% of the debt can be attributed to the amounts owing on the waste water treatment plant, and the Libro Centre. I will save the details on the remaining debt for our candidates meeting, but to ease your mind just a bit, let me place some perspective on this situation. If you owned a home valued at $400,000 and your mortgage was $46,000, would you not say you were in pretty good shape? Well Amherstburgs valuation is in the neighbourhood of $400 million, with a debt of $46 million. I am not downplaying the debt, just trying to place a more positive spin on it. As a business owner, media member,marketer, and a mayoral candidate, it will be my job to let you, and the media see our cup as half full, and not half empty.

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