Scott Kendell Answers Question 19 Re Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg

Scott Kendell’s answer is:

As we sit Infrastructure that is a direct liability example drinking water unsafe dangerous roads  bridges and sidewalks where safety and litigation is a concern should be taken care of first. Maintenance of all infrastructure to prolong its life is very important. Taxes and debenture funding if required for repair and maintenance. I agree not to sell shares to Essex power. The town of Amherstburg needs to go back to simple budget envelopes to pay off debt and consolidate all debt with a definite plan of attack on how much is actually owed, I have heard of 35 million to 70 million its funny even after the audit nobody knows the real number. The town needs a vision for the future Like 10 years and beyond for the financial and well being of everybody. Amherstburg won’t become insolvent but if they did, the shares would be shared by secured creditors.

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