Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Questions 14 Flooding Damage And 15 Why Are We 67 Million In Debt

Councillor Pouget’s answers are:

14.  Flooding Damage
Amherstburg Council is very concerned with the flooding problem in Amherstburg.  It is especially disturbing, that it appears some homes have flooded several times.  This is not acceptable.  Council has directed administration to prepare a full report regarding this situation, including everything that must be done to ensure our residents will not have to worry about this serious problem.  We must determine if all factors including back flow valves, sump pumps, sewer capacity, plugged or broken drains, eves troughs disconnection, etc are working and we must prepare for heavier rain falls, that are becoming more frequent.

15.  Why are we 67 million in debt?
I believe the Town of Amherstburg is so far in debt because the Council of the day took advantage of so many grants, not realizing that they had to repay one third of the cost.  Some of these grants were spent on non-essential items. The new Council must focus on paying down the debt, building the reserves and only spending money on much needed infrastructure, instead of wants.

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