Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Questions 20 To 23

Councillor Pouget’s answers are:

20.  Town Employee Performance
Council must ensure that our employees are qualified for their positions.  This must be done through the CAO’s office.  Evaluations must be completed on a regular basis and reported to Council.  If an employee is not performing their duties, the employee should be contacted, offered additional training, be monitored and be given an opportunity to improve.  It is imperative that there is a paper trail to protect the employee and our taxpayers. It is also important, that all department heads appear before Council once a month to give a full report.

21.  Affiliated With Political Party In Last 10 Years?
I have never been officially affiliated with, employed by, fundraised or held a position with any political party in the last 10 years.  I don’t have a campaign staff.

22.  Fraserville Mosquito Issue
I am aware of the problems of the Fraserville mosquito issue and I believe the new Council must budget money as soon as they are elected to set aside funds for this program, in order to obtain approval from various agencies to commence in early spring.  It is my firm belief, that this is a health and safety issue and must be addressed as soon as the new Council is sworn in.

23.  Accreditations
I have 10 years of municipal experience and have served on numerous committees and boards in our community.  I have worked in both union and management positions, with a clear understanding of fair bargaining and budget deliberations.  The general public is well aware of the fact that I research and prepare for meetings and I ask tough questions on behalf of our taxpayers.

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