Glenn Swinton Answers Question 19 Re Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg

Glenn Swinton’s answer is:

Prioritizing infrastructure projects is really quite simple, first “need”, second “should have” and last “really like to have”.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer on how I would fund these projects since there is often various Federal level contributions available. Without having an accurate account of the towns finances I cannot prepare for what is required until the true figures of our financial history are available to review.

As for the Essex Power share, let me say that at this time I agree with holding the shares. First, as a town yes we hold infrastructure debt. But to start dumping assets let alone income generating assets for the sake of trying to pay down a small portion of this debt is the wrong idea. Understand that the debt we carry is not running us into bankruptcy, those directing our finance department are. If the town were to declare Bankruptcy, the shares would be sold by a Trustee and applied to any debt we had outstanding. Insolvency doesn’t mean that our assets would be forfeited with no value applied to our debt. With that being said, if they are income generating shares why dump them now? Either way they have a value to this town only right now they are an asset that is paid for, generates some income and gives us partial control of an energy we rely on. Your not going to sell your car that gets you to work everyday to pay a little extra on the mortgage of your house are you?

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