Glenn Swinton Answers Questions 21 And 25

Glenn Swinton’s answers are:

21.  Affiliated With Political Party In Last 10 Years?
I have never been officially affiliated with any provincial or federal level political parties, nor do I have any campaign staffers with affiliations either.  

25.  Hotel Needed?
I believe the town of Amherstburg has a fine selection of Bed & Breakfast options available for those few looking for an option to spend the night. Perhaps some encouragement to enhance the facilities of the hotels that have faded from the town in the past might have been a more sensible option.

I do not, nor will not consider a hotel to be a viable expense to be funded from the municipality. Although I would certainly support the Chamber of Commerce in their efforts to attract any interested parties, the hotel industry is a venture for the private sector not the taxpayers.

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