Aldo DiCarlo Answers Questions 22 To 25

Aldo DiCarlo’s answers are:

Question 22:  As a candidate running in this Municipal election are you aware of the Fraserville mosquito issue and are you aware of the time sensitive mosquito nuisance program proposal and it’s immediate approval to ensure GDG Environmental to acquire MNR permits to commence as early in Spring as possible?  Will you be supportive and receptive to this program being implemented?

Aldo DiCarlo Answer:
Yes and yes. Although everyone should be able to enjoy all aspects of their home, including outdoors, I don’t think anyone would argue that the Elementary school in the area makes it even more of a health and safety issue.

Question 23:  What accreditations do you possess to attest to you being elected to council?

Aldo DiCarlo Answer:
From my Facebook page ‘Aldo For Mayor’:

-Physics Laboratory Coordinator – University of Windsor
-Member Representative
-Libro Amherstburg Branch Council
-CUPE National Education – Facilitator

-University of Windsor Board of Governors – Staff Representative (Voting Member)
-University of Windsor Board of Governors – Vice President Finance -& Administration Search Committee
-CUPE Local 1393 – President & Chair

Experienced in:
-Budget approvals over $200M
-Building approvals over $100M
-Pensions and Benefits
-Labour Relations
-Rules of Order
-Team & Support Building

Question 24:  I was wondering what specifically made you run to represent Amherstburg?

Aldo DiCarlo Answer:
Born and raised in Amherstburg, I can’t imagine living somewhere else. I believe in the Town, the people and the possibilities. Amherstburg is already a beautiful waterfront town with a lot to offer but I believe we can always improve. I believe Council is in need of some change and an infusion of members with some background in finances, major projects, transparency and accountability. I believe in the office of the Ontario Ombudsman and in Andre Marin. Their office has investigated complaints regarding Amherstburg and the findings were not impressive. The biggest reasons I want to be Mayor is to help bring transparency and accountability to Amherstburg’s Town Hall, not just at election time, all the time. See this link for more info:–repeatedly-broke-the-law%E2%80%9D-in-handling-in-cam.aspx

Question 25: Do you believe that the Town of Amherstburg needs a hotel?  If so, do you feel the town should provide financial support to help make that happen?

Aldo DiCarlo Answer:
I do believe the Town needs a hotel. Thanks to the Libro Centre and other venues in Town, Amherstburg has attracted more and more events that would likely require overnight stays by visitors. I don’t believe the Town can even consider financial support for a hotel until the finances are clarified and stabilized. Beyond that, the taxpayers should have a say as to whether they want to invest in a hotel for Amherstburg.

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