Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Questions 24 and 25

Councillor Pouget’s answers are:

24.  Why Run To Represent Amherstburg?
The Town of Amherstburg is in  serious financial shape.  Although, I initially thought of retiring, I realize there is a lot of hard work and difficult decisions, that will have to be made to turn our Town around. I believe I have the will, knowledge and determination to work with the new Council, if elected  to accomplish this task.

25.  Hotel Needed?
Yes, I believe Amherstburg needs a hotel.  Sometimes a council will weigh all options to determine if it is in the taxpayers best interest to offer an incentive to build in Amherstburg.  An example of an incentive could be a reduction of development fees, depending on the number of jobs and taxes and other revenue the hotel would generate in Amherstburg.  However, this decision must be made by the entire Council, must be reported out and voted in public session.

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