A Note About Questions To The Candidates

Knowing candidates could not officially withdraw after September 12, when Mayoral Candidate Marty Adler announced his withdrawal and endorsed Aldo DiCarlo I assumed he would end his campaign. However, according to the River Town Times, Adler has decided to forge ahead. The candidates’ answers document will be updated to reflect this change in the near future.

Residents have submitted a variety of questions, all of which have been emailed and/or mailed to the candidates, along with a request to advise if they no longer wished to receive these questions; answers have been posted when received as soon as humanly possible.

While there has been no obligation to answer any of the questions, one would assume that during the midst of promises to be available, accountable and responsive, candidates would appreciate the invitation to demonstrate a commitment to their pledges.

The following candidates have not provided any answers and have been advised that all questions to date and any future ones are posted on the blog for their reference.

Mayoral Candidate
Sutton, John

Deputy Mayoral Candidates
Davies, Carolyn
Menna, John

Councillor Candidates
Cleminson, Frank
Dupont, John
Fryer, Rick
Gemmell, Pauline
Grant, Ken
McLean, Darryl
Pillon, Robert     
Qussem, Roxanne
Renaud, Marc
Shuttleworth, Scott