Glenn Swinton Answers Questions 26 To 29

Glenn Swinton’s answers are:

Question 26  Support Nuisance Program For Fraserville?

I do agree that not only does a high volume of mosquitos detract from ones enjoyment of the outside but further to that, there is indeed a serious potential of health risk.

Yes, I will agree that something needs to be done to address the situation and will be more than willing to review the options to rectify the issue upon being elected.

Question 27  Concerns From Fellow Citizens

While it may very well be that some issues may be better directed to a specific department of the town for further assistance, such issues should be monitored by the council member until reaching a resolution. I think it may be reasonable to assume that any citizen bringing forth an issue to a member of council has done so as the result of a lack of satisfactory response from the staff of the town.

Question 28   Ward System

I don’t make it any secret that I question the high volume of staff, overtime or “company perks” that some seem to enjoy. With some responsible leadership in place it may be time to review the staffing needs of some departments and outline some job descriptions in others.

Given the wide spread areas the Amherstburg covers with what seems to be almost like segregated communities, I think the idea of a ward system would be a viable consideration. Realistically, how much does a councilor that lives in the Amherstburg core and works in Windsor really know about what is going on way over in McGregor or River Canard etc. outside of what they are being told?

Question 29  Commit to no Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion

This is a fairly loaded and wide spread request. As a contractor that specializes in accessible structures, I understand the importance of accessibility and also some of the limitations that are often near impossible to overcome. To commit to a municipal policy that would potentially limit the possibilities of the entire population of Amherstburg  will require further details of what you hope to accomplish.

As for public transportation. Accessible or not, I do not agree that this is a cost to be born by the Town of Amherstburg at this time but will certainly be willing to work with any provider (I.e. Transit Windsor) that may be interested in servicing the area. Unfortunately, I don’t  believe that public transportation in our area has enough demand to sustain itself which is likely why we haven’t seen a system put in place as of yet.

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