Marty Adler Answers Questions 26 To 29

Marty Adler’s answers are:

Question 26: Support Nuisance Program For Fraserville?

This neighbourhood needs help. It is part of Amherstburg. I certainly would support Frasierville area.

Question 27:  Concerns From Fellow Citizens

When thinking about helping citizens with their concerns, I have often thought of adding a title to the office of mayor: Mayor and Ombudsman.

I can tell you now that I would set up arrangements where I could be contacted 7 days a week …LIVE!

Question 28:  Ward System

I would need to know the costs of setting up such a system, but for the most part, I love the idea. Council then becomes more warm and fuzzy!

Question 29: Commit to no Public Funds On Barriers, Inclusion.
I would commit to not place public barriers against persons with disabilities, unless it is for THEIR safety.

If it ever makes sense to have public transit or taxi service in Amherstburg, then it goes without saying, being fully accessible would have to included.

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