Questions 26 to 29 For The Candidates

The following questions have been submitted via the feedback form on the ask the candidates page:

Question 26:  In regards to the Mosquito issue; it has been verified by the Company doing the current Larvaciding in town that the Frasierville neighbourhood indeed has an abundance/infestation of Mosquitos.  The breed is known as a Salt Water Mosquito and is considered the one of the most agressive of all breeds as well as resilient to Winter conditions(they basically hibernate).  If elected, it’s most likely this issue will come to Council during your term.  This issue affects the quality of life in several ways to these residents as well as a school and its students.  Will you support a Nuisance Program for this neighbourhood?

Question 27:  Some elected officials have heavily relied on staff to resolve ratepayers’ complaints; once an issue has been passed off to staff, there has been no follow up and no accountability. If elected, how will you handle concerns from your fellow citizens?

Question 28:  Amherstburg seems to have an unusually high amount of staff for its size and population; do you think the town has grown to the point that a ward system would better serve the residents?

Question 29:  Will you commit to a municipal policy that no public funds will ever be used to create or perpetuate barriers against persons with disabilities? Will you commit to specific plans to ensure fully accessible public transit and taxi services in your community? How, specifically, will you make Amherstburg more inclusive?