Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Questions 26 To 29

Councillor Pouget’s answers are:

Question 26.  Support Nuisance Program For Fraserville?
Administration is expected to have a full report before the new Council in mid January 2015.  If elected, I would  support a Nuisance Program for mosquitoes in this neighbourhood.

Question 27.  Concerns From Fellow Citizens
I always forward the complainants concerns to the appropriate department heads with the complainants permission.  I also request to be copied on any responses by all parties.  Administration is well aware of the fact, if an issue is not dealt with in a timely fashion, I then raise the issue in public session at our Council meeting.

Question 28.   Ward System  Councillor
Bart DiPasquale tried to have discussions of the Ward System.  I am in favor of looking at this issue again, if the public pursues it.

Question 29.  Commit to no Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion
Council must work collectively and in cooperation with the Accessibility Committees in Amherstburg and Essex County to ensure a safe and barrier free work, home, school, businesses and transportation systems.  It is imperative that Amherstburg ensures all publicly owned properties are accessible and we lead by example.

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