Jason Lavigne Answers Questions 5 To 8

Jason Lavigne’s answers are:

5.  Bring Heritage District To Amherstburg
I support the idea of implementing a heritage district.

6.  Obtain OPP Costing, Remove Contract Clause
I believe there should be a cost comparison between the opp and our local service done. In order to get a true idea of the possible cost savings the “poison pill” needs to be addressed. Unfortunately this can only be done by the police services board and not council. There are currently 3 members of the police service board running in this election, residents should be questioning these 3 candidates in regards to this issue.

7.  Tourism Role; 1 Million Dollar Budget
The tourism dept. needs to reduce its budget along with all other departments. I believe tourism plays a role in Amherstburg’s success, but it needs to be something that doesn’t cost the taxpayers more than it generates for the local economy.

8.  Curtail Spending; Pay Debt; Reduce Budget
In order to get the finances in order at budget time every dept. needs to aim for 5% reductions. Council will also have to look at administration to see if any savings can be found through attrition or restructuring.

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