Marty Adler Answers Questions 1 To 13, 16 To 18, 20 To 25

Marty Adler’s answers are:

1.  Toxic Culture At Town Hall
Hopefully the voters will start the ball rolling. It appears to me that nobody is willing to say, but everyone seems to know, where the problems lie. If the voters choose to return suspect members of council, it will then be up to the new mayor to lead the way.

2.  Work With Admin to Fix Toxic Culture
There is no question that something smells in the town hall. If I am elected mayor, I fully plan to bring with me Mr Clean!

3.  Support Full Independent Audit
I do not support a full audit, or any audit at all. Amherstburg is a small town, and we don’t need to spend six figures to slap the wrists of the dearly departed. Trouble with council, and many candidates, is that they have no idea what it is like to survive on their own. Candidates that proclaim financial knowhow with big institutions(CBC and UofW to name but two) are usually playing with other peoples money.

4.  Increase Time To Study Agenda
There must be a good reason why council gets its information later than sooner. I don’t know why this problem wasn’t solved before – perhaps full time members is the answer. Perhaps administration needs more help. In any even, judging by the lack of any action from the current council during 2014, I don’t see how this problem even existed.

It took 6 years to make up its mind of turning lanes on Sandwich, and then they got it wrong!

5.  Bring Heritage District To Amherstburg
Was it the town that stalled or the Heritage committee, or both. All players have to come together, and get rid of the pettiness which appears to be the perception. I believe the heritage of Amherstburg is what drives tourism, so the question remains, just who is in charge?

6.  Obtain OPP Costing, Remove Contract Clause
I won’t commit to anything until I hear both sides of the argument, but I can tell you now, I don’t like golden handshakes and hitting the lottery at my expense. I am not a fan of the OPP taking over, and I am not afraid to tell you why – they are slow to respond! I have talked to other communities, and I believe we are at the end of the line for coverage.

Make a better case, and I will listen, but not knowing it all, my mind is open.

7.  Tourism Role; 1 Million Dollar Budget
Tourism is important to this town. We are also important to Essex county. I produced the first documentary for the city of Windsor called “Windsor Wow!”. Thousands of copies were made and I worked closely with the head of tourism (Elizabeth). Today the CEO is Gordon Orr, whom I used in tv commercials before he got this gig. I will definitely have a “Marty” chat with Mr. Orr. He knows my style very well!

8.  Curtail Spending; Pay Debt; Reduce Budget
At this point, my focus is not to curtail spending, but to review it. Before my (our) review is over, I intend to spend 4-6 million to get the waste sewage plant hooked up to the north end of town. Mr Sutherland used his position to release the news just before election time, to give the good news that the town has applied for a grant; and then has the dillusion that if we don’t get it “…we’ll look elsewhere.” Well I say grant shmant!

In the time it takes to get approval, we could have 800 lots hooked into the system, and start recovering our money, The grant, if and when it comes, will be gravy. Don’t start me on this one!

9.  Walkable Neighbourhoods, Amenities in All Areas
Right now, nothing! At this time, what you are asking for is a luxury we are not yet in a position to address. That doesn’t mean I am not listening. If resident need something that benefits the area, and it makes sense, then I am for it, but please, you need to make sense!

10.  Establish Regional Transit
What is wrong with travelling by car to get to work? If it is an issue with you, then get a ride. Ever hear of CAR POOLING! In major cities they even have special lanes  for it. I can’t imagine 21,000 people heading to Windsor every morning.

11.  Societal and Environmental Issues
Nobody likes to owe money, but when you run a town, it is a fact of life until you get into the black. That is not going to happen soon, but with me at the helm, it will happen sooner than later. As for the environment, I have promoted (see my ads and postcards) “The greening of Amherstburg”. That means addressing everything from bike lanes to community gardens. Green is good.

12.  Selection Of New CAO For New Council
In the case before us, I believe Mr. Phipps is a man who knows his stuff. Now before you think I am patronizing the man, I also believe Mr. Phipps knows how to use the system, not only for Amherstburg, but for himself. I believe he knows more in selecting a replacement than anyone on council. He also needs to stay on to help Mr. Micelli get aclamated. After that, I believe Mr. Micelli will do his thing.

13.  Police Contract Buyout Clause
Didn’t I answer this in question 6? I don’t want the OPP, and I don’t want to give our guys any golden handshakes. Some are making $122,00 a year. (I have no idea about overtime) Having said that, if they think they are worked too hard in keeping this the safest town in Canada, I might look at other avenues. By the way, I believe we are the safest town in Canada, not because of our police, or the nearby OPP, but because of the people who live here. Give yourself a pat on the back!

16.  Tourism Or Employment
No doubt about it – give me 500 tourist anyday. Jobs in Amherstburg are not a priority for me at this stage of the game. The jobs will come when all my other plans start to bear fruit.

17.  Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg
Didn’t I answer this in question 9?

18.  Eliminate Police Contract Poison Pill Clause
I’m under the impression a costing was available to the town at little or no cost, and the ball was dropped.

20.  Town Employee Performance
Four letters MPMP

21.  Affiliated With Political Party
I am not associated with any party. When I’m not near the one I love, I love the one I’m near!

22.  Fraserville Mosquito Issue
Frasierville needs help. We’ll do our part.

23.  Accreditations
None. And for this tow, that’s a good thing. May I caution voters, don’t be “snowed” by a list of accreditations. I know business, marketing, and media. Everything this town needs; and I have a world of common sense!

24.  Motivation To Run
You’re gonna roll your eyes, but I would be a mayor unseen anywhere in Ontario. I would describe my style as “entertaining”. When Tom McMahon, a media critic for the Windsor Star first saw me come on board on CBC’s newscast at 11, his headline across the width of the page read: “Marty Adler refreshing, but he needs a leash!”.

25.  Hotel Needed?
I believe this town needs an ‘anchor’, one not found anywhere in Essex county. I have 2 ideas, (the second, you’ll just have to wait till candidates night) the first is a downtown marina, hotel and playhouse. And the town should absolutely kick in – when the time is right.

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