Scott Kendell Answers Question 30 Re Electronic Polling

Scott Kendell’s answer is:

Sorry If I am late on my reply. I have been busy making and installing signs through Amherstburg, Last Wednesday I placed 2 signs one on end of creek rd. and #20 at big creek and 4th concession   and #20  Township property. Yesterday afternoon Saturday OCT 4, I took my grandson to check on a few signs along the river and straighten them out from the pounding wind when we drove up to creek road and 4th concession both signs missing completely. Are you kidding me The way I build them and pound them, there is no way the wind made them disappear. To the P brain or supporter who took them That is not very accountable It is Time For Change in this beautiful Town. Electronic or phone voting has been around since the 1990 s in Ontario it has had it’s share of problems but the kinks have been worked out. If this provides for people of a municipality to have a voice and Democracy at a level that everyone has easy access to it then I welcome it.

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