Joshua Rene Answers Questions 26 To 30

Josh Rene’s answers are:

26.  Support Nuisance Program for Fraserville?
I would absolutely support this issue, every single resident should be able to enjoy time outside! Also it can be considered a health issue, as I see this issue personal it would be top priority.

27.  Procedure To Handle Concerns From Fellow Citizens
I have said before that Council is a team sport. As Councillor there is no shame in asking when you don’t know. However when a constituent comes to you with a problem, you are expected to follow it through beginning to the end. As Councillor you are elected to represent the people!

28.  Ward System Better Serve The Residents?
Amherstburg has grown, many communities now fly under the same flag. Has it now come to the point where Council can no longer effectively represent everyone? I think so. I would support a ward system if it meant that everyone would receive equal representation.

29.  Commit To No Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion.
Equal representation for all! I am frankly surprised that this question still has to be asked. I believe Amherstburg has made great strides when it comes to being more accessible, but I think maybe some would agree with me we still have a way to go. The town should work hand in hand with South Shore Taxi to ensure that all their vehicles are accessible for everyone. Also I would like to add that many have asked if there was anyway to accommodate residents with disabilities come voting day. I of course would be more then happy to help anyway I can. Should the town not have shuttle service on election day? Are we not supposed to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote?

30.  Support Electronic Polling
I believe that technology is ever changing and as such Council should be willing to change with it. This being said I would support technology that has been rigorously tested and proven reliable. The residents should be provided information as soon as it becomes available, if this is the best way then this is the way we should go.

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