Ron Sutherland Answers Question About Time Commitment

Ron Sutherland’s answer is:

This is a question that I am being asked “constantly” by concerned residents/taxpayers. The only obvious answer is Amherstburg needs a FULL – TIME Mayor. In my capacity as Deputy Mayor I have several extra commitments such as sitting as a member of County Council and my involvement with the County also includes sitting on  the Board of Directors of the Community Housing Corporation along with 3 sub-committees of this Corporation, I also sit as a member of the Essex County Library Board through County Council. These are just some of the requirements that I as Deputy Mayor deal with daily. The added responsibilities of Mayor necessitates a FULL TIME 24/7 MAYOR.
I am committed to this responsibility.
Ron Sutherland, Mayoral Candidate “Together we will make the Future Better than the Past”

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  1. Would you then advocate increasing the salaries of councillors, deputy mayor, and mayor so that they are financially able to be committed to the role, without having a 2nd job, claiming unemployment, or living off a pension? It seems to me that if one was to be a full time representative in Amherstburg, they would have to come from or have some sort of means.

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