ACRG Meet The Candidates

The ACRG (Amherstburg Citizens for Responsible Government) Meet The Candidates Event tonight was very well attended; the parking lot was full. Ratepayers met with the candidates one on one to discuss issues or ask questions.

It was a welcome opportunity and another helpful assessment tool to select who I feel is worthy of my vote.

Just as some candidates are not answering questions, some were conspicuously absent, which is just as enlightening.

1 thought on “ACRG Meet The Candidates

  1. Thank you to the organizers for the opportunity. If this event did not occur, I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to reach out to so many people at once. I apologize to anyone I didn’t have the opportunity to speak to, due to the number of voters engaging me at once. Win or lose, I would attend this event in the future if it is repeated in the next election.
    Aldo DiCarlo

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