Candidates Selectively Answering Questions

On August 15, readers were invited to submit questions to the candidates because there was little or no opportunity for the public to question the candidates during past debates.

The variety of questions is impressive and obviously some problematic and systemic issues need to be addressed.

Who will you trust to act on your behalf and in the community’s best interest?

While the candidates have never been obliged to answer, by doing so allows for scrutiny beyond the campaign marketing materials. Some candidates’ answers are thorough, well thought out and responsive; others have ignored requests for specificity and others are misinformed. It is paradoxical that the candidates below have not answered any questions from The Burg Watch readers, but did respond to questions from the River Town Times.

Sutton, John

Deputy Mayor
Davies, Carolyn
Menna, John

Cleminson, Frank
Dupont, John
Fryer, Rick
Gemmell, Pauline
McLean, Darryl
Pillon, Robert 
Qussem, Roxanne
Renaud, Marc

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  1. Hello… I have answered the questions and yet I’m listed here as not having answered them.

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