Scott Kendell Answers Questions 31 And 32

Scott Kendell’s answers are:

Question 31:  Post Amalgamation Benefits
I will do the best I can to serve the whole of Amherstburg. I owned a house and small business  in Malden and Anderdon when amalgamation took place, and I am very familiar with resident’s and business concerns in regards to that problem, I can’t promise anything but to work hard for the people of all of Amherstburg I want what is best for the town of Amherstburg and All its citizens.

Question 32:  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements

Kingsbridge development  I walk roundtrip every day 4.7 km from 581 front road north to texas road to Knobhill  past Pat Thrasher park to Whelan drive to front road, nice sidewalk lots of people use it daily but a lot of cul-de-sac’s poor planning when site plan was approved early nineties, There  is only a partial plan 5 in the middle. On the north west side between Whelan and Pat Thrasher park The Kingsbridge development is big enough to establish a committee of people that live within to best see what kind of retail commercial zoning and what best will suit that area as it is needed. Just a thought but some retirement assisted living maybe Tied in with an affordable retirement home health care on The Anderdon Tavern property could be an option. We need to embrace The boomers in the future.

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