Stephen Mickle Answers Questions 31 And 32

Stephen Mickle’s answer is:

Question 31:  Post Amalgamation Benefits
Ward system. I here all this nonsense that we cannot afford it? We cannot afford to be without it! McGregor Lagoons, etc. Seems that we have been out of touch with the residents of McGregor, Anderdon. Malden and River Canard ever since amalgamation.

Question 32:  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements
Poor planning. We pay for the infrastructure for these subdivisions and there always seems to be lack of planning? By the Developer or the Town or both. The return on investment takes to long. All new development should have sidewalks and 2 ways in and out. Parking is also an issue. Roads identified in the Master Plan say :
As identified in the Master Plan, all roads through the Subdivision are 20.0m-wide
I do not know if people know what 20 meters is? That”s almost 65 feet.  Look all we can do is work with the Developer and residents and make sure that things are worked out. If there are entrepreneurs in the area, there is opportunity for neighborhood destinations. As far as schools that has to be worked out with School boards. And proper land allocation.

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