Chad Barrette Answers Question 20 Town Employee Performance

Question 20:  What measures would you take to ensure that the Town’s employees do their proper jobs and are accountable for their performance?

If elected I plan on lobbying for an independent customer service company to audit random people who have had dealings with town hall.  Together council and town administration can set benchmarks for customer satisfaction.  The Deloitte recommendations also state that there were no consistent job performance evaluations at town hall, these would definitely have to be set up.  Further to this though is that a heavy handed approach will have the opposite of the intended effect.  Together with the employees we have to find out what is wrong at Town Hall and why so many people are quitting.  Changing a work culture is a difficult thing, we want to encourage the leaders amongst the workers to set a good example and help ignite the others into better performance.  The administration must first provide guidance and support to the workers.  When all else fails of course employees would need to be reprimanded but let’s get at the root of the problem before we jump to conclusions that the problem is only caused by the workers.  We must also note that  changes in collective agreements have to be done in bargaining.  Working in a unionized environment I realize that these changes take time and compromise.

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