Lora Petro Answers Questions 34 To 38

Lora Petro’s answers are:

Question 34:  Two CAOs Pay?
I believe, as in any new job, there has to be time for training and guidance from the outgoing person. Council must be mindful of our financial resources at this time, and we also must ensure we are setting up for success with Mr. Miceli by allowing him some time to learn and understand what Mr. Phipps has done thus far. This timeline must be mindful of financial resources, as well as the level of understanding that Mr. Miceli is bringing to the table already, which I am hopeful that our current Council has already researched. It must be a tangible date of complete turnover based on incoming experience and needs identified by Mr. Miceli, in regard to specific areas to be reviewed between Mr. Phipps and himself.

That being said, I am unaware of Mr. Phipps staying on Administration under another title in the future but it would be something I would investigate further.

Question 35:  Development Fees Collected?
This is a fairly complex question, difficult to answer in a small area. Unfortunately, in the best utopia, one cannot assure that any other person will always pay what is required, nor fulfill their obligations until the project is completed. We just need to remember what happened with the Grace Site in Windsor to see that in full effect.

There are 2 services (police and fire) specifically stated, that should be shared between Boblo and the mainland in regards to financial obligations. The reason I propose this, is if additional resources were required we would be able to tier our own staff. (eg. For large police presence or fire significance). Therefore, benefit may be seen by the entire municipality.

However, sewage lines, ferries etc should, unfortunately, be passed on to developers/projected buyers unless the municipality as a whole benefits from such service.

Question 36:  Special Development Deals?
The new Council must investigate these areas in regards to the specifics asked. This is required to increase our transparency as a government. I truely wish I had the answers to the questions asked, but if elected it is something I would be willing to investigate further. I agree that our taxpayers have been burdened for far too long and it is time to create a solid long term financial plan to move Amherstburg forward without simply increasing taxes for our residents.

Question 37:  Where Are Our Voter Notifications?
A few constituents I have met with have received their voter cards., and I am aware that others have not received their voter cards. As I have stated before, under job performance audits, I would advocate for set time lines and performance evaluations of employees to ensure that their roles are being carried out both effectively and efficiently.

Question 38:  Preferential Treatment?
My goal is not to favour anyone in particular, but to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That is Amherstburg as a whole, not as a singular person.

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