Question 34 For The Candidates – Two CAOs Pay?

Question 34:  Sometime in October, not quite sure of the actual day? Amherstburg will have their new CAO (another of a long line) while at the same time paying Mr. Phipps $80-$90 per hour for his consulting. How long will you let this double salary, or paying two CAO’s go on? In our current contract with Mr. Phipps, there is a 30 day walkaway clause from either party. Do you allow Mr. Phipps to remain on the payroll while at the same time paying our new CAO his salary? His salary is also unknown since Sutton, Pillon, Davies and Hurst voted against Dianne Pouget’s motion to make his salary public? Also would you let mr. Phipps stay on under some other title? (This is rumored)

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