Question 35 For The Candidates – Development Fees Collected?

Question 35:  On the issue of local developers and development in itself, how can you assure the residents that these developers will pay the current development fee’s and live up to their obligations through out the entire project until it is completely finished? An example of this is the future of Boblo Island. Mr. Amicone is proposing an additional 200 or more homes. How can you assure us that all future capital costs associated with this project are his responsibility? Who will pay for a projected fire hall and staff (current fire chief is already making his Christmas list) and equipment? Police station (same Christmas List) and staff? Sewage line? Additional ferries? These are all costs which should be born by the developer and passed on to his projected buyers? Examples of this abuse are the fee’s waived already costing this town over a million dollars.

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