14 Days To Go!

What do you think? Do you know the candidates well enough? How many have earned your vote? Did you remember that you do not have to vote for candidates for all seven seats?

Candidate Evaluation Resources:

Candidate Answers page

Which Candidates Are Answering Questions as of October 4; will be updated again.

Call Your Candidates – A list of phone numbers

Yes/No/Maybe Candidate Selection Checklist

Candidate Profiles – links from their names on the right side of the blog to the RTT pages

The Windsor Star Candidate Profiles

Candidate Evaluation Guide by Sherril Guthrie

Candidate Evaluation Guide by Paul Hertel

The Quiz at the ACRG website – who said what and when?

The Gang of Four (ACRG) – how current council members voted in the last 11 months

Media Links from the ACRG:

River Town Times questions to candidates and their answers:
Mayor candidates
Deputy Mayor candidates
Councillor candidates

.. “Ron Sutherland speaks” Blackburn News, Jason Viau click here

.. “Aldo DiCarlo speaks” Blackburn News, Jason Viau click here

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