Pauline Gemmell Answers Questions 21 To 32

21.  Affiliated With Political Party

22.  Fraserville Mosquito Issue
Yes I am aware of this issue which I believe is a serious health and safety issue. I will be supportive of this program.

23.  Accreditations
I am a Canadian Citizen and reside in the town of Amherstburg.

I have a degree in Psychology and Law from Lakehead University, a diploma in Gerontology from Confederation College, a certificate in Mediation from Canadore College. I have worked for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Community and Social Services. I am currently a Director on the Glengarry Non Profit Housing Board, the Business Improvement Association of Essex Board, and the Police Services Board. I am an Area Committee Member for Legal Aid Ontario.

I have previously been a Director and Board Chair of the Placement Coordination Board and the Heart and Stroke foundation.

I have worked in the far north of the province of Ontario, the city of Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay and the city of Toronto.

I have owned a business and as a part of that business provided services to the Business Development Bank of Canada. In that capacity I developed business plans for entrepreneurs and provided analysis and co-management services to business experiencing failures.

I am currently employed as the Executive Director of the Essex County Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic with two locations – Essex and Windsor. I was one of four founding directors. As the ED my job is risk management and financial accountability. I provide financial statements to a 7 member Board of Directors monthly, quarterly financial reports to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and I provide the financial documentation to the Audit firm appointed by the Board of Directors annually.

Prior to this position I worked as the Specialized Services Manager at the Canadian Mental Health Association.

24.  Motivation To Run
I have always had an interest in Politics and as I approach retirement I would like to become more involved in the community where I have chosen to live. I don’t think that it is particularly helpful to complain without stepping up to help. I believe that we all need to give back in some way and I plan to retire here in Amherstburg so I feel that giving to the community is a good use of my time. We are a community and we need to work together to keep our town a great place to live.

25.  Hotel Needed?
Yes I do think that Amherstburg needs a hotel. Other communities like Essex struggle to attract some events to their community because they lack a hotel. We attract people to the area but there are not sufficient accommodations for them although we do have great bed and breakfasts we also need a hote.

26.  Support Nuisance Program for Fraserville?
Yes because this is a health and safety issue.

27.  Procedure To Handle Concerns From Fellow Citizens
Citizens should have access to elected officials to discuss issues and/or to facilitate resolution of an issue. Staff at the town office may from time to time be called on to provide resources to the citizen and Councillor. Follow-up should occur from the Councillor if that person has been addressing the issue. Issues that can be dealt with by the town must be however if there is a need for further advocacy follow-up should be provided by the Councillor.

28.  Ward System Better Serve The Residents?
Amherstburg seems to have an unusually high amount of staff for its size and population; do you think the town has grown to the point that a ward system would better serve the residents?

Yes given that the town has grown with the additions of Anderdon and Maldon a ward system would ensure that all citizen’s interests are considered.

29.  Commit To No Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion.
Yes I will commit to a municipal policy that no public funds will ever be used to create or perpetuate barriers against persons with disabilities.

I will work with transit and taxi providers to ensure that they are fully accessible. The town has an Accessibility committee that include both town staff and citizens. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act outlines the legislated requirements within the act. This committee works toward the goal of ensuring that Amhersburg is accessible.

30.  Support Electronic Polling?
I am unsure of what this question is asking.

31.  Post Amalgamation Benefits
Yes – a ward may resolve this.

32.  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements
I would want to know more details about this before I would support this for one area in particular. I think walkable destinations are a great way to keep all citizens engaged and active both families and our seniors.

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