Joshua Rene Answers Questions 34 To 39

34.  Two CAOs Pay?
A long line is right. I have stated before that Mr. Phipps should stay for the bare minimum once our new C.A.O takes over. The residents are demanding change! The general consensus is out with the old and in with the new! Mr. Phipps is a part of the old.

35.  Development Fees Collected?
Building a sustainable Amherstburg will require working hand in hand with the developers of these projects. Before undertaking any projects the town and developer must sit down and hammer out a contract. With clear and concise terms this protects the town from less then perfect developers, but also the tax payers who can literally pay no more! We have to start putting our residents first.

36.  Special Development Deals?
Agreed. No one should ever get special treatment.

37.  Where Are Our Voter Notifications?
Accountability,  accountability, accountability!  My wife and I just received our cards yesterday. There are still people I know who haven’t received theirs yet. No voter cards = low voter turnout.

38. Preferential Treatment?
Absolutely not! Equal treatment for everyone!

39.  Straightforward Answer Sought Re CAO
I believe that Mr. Phipps should stay on for the bare minimum. Simply this is this person, that is that department. That’s it! We CANNOT afford two C.A.O’s on payroll. Mr. Phipps though I do believe had good intentions, is part of the problem at town hall.

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