7 Days To Go!

Have you decided which of the candidates are a yes, no or maybe? Did you remember you do not have to vote for all seven seats?

the burg watch readers’ questions have made it easy to get to know the candidates; some of them:

  • have not answered any readers’ questions
  • were evasive
  • provided answers that were well thought out
  • provided flippant responses
  • were resentful of questions
  • promote accessibility, but create inaccessible websites
  • promote an inclusive community but refer to ‘those with special needs’
  • have relied on scare tactics
  • appear desperate
  • hope there are no fact checkers out there
  • have not done their homework
  • claim experience is required
  • have experience but will provide ‘new leadership’
  • have proven to be genuine

Candidate Evaluation Resources, if if you need them, were posted in 14 Days To Go.