I Found The Difference

Commentary by Linda Saxon

Mayoral Candidate John Sutton asked “Can you find the difference???” on his facebook page to compare his campaign plan to Mayoral Candidate Aldo DiCarlo’s.

Sutton states that Step one of his plan is “to engage the Community, Council and Administration in a Strategic Planning Process that focuses on the future direction and desired level of service our community deserves.”


  • has not answered any questions from the burg watch readers, members of the community, who asked the candidates to address their concerns.
  • chose not to attend the ACRG Meet The Candidates Event.
  • did not answer ACRG questions about the police contract; Berthiaume made a presentation
  • ignored two emails regarding his website’s accessibility issues.
  • said the board’s decision to accept the $110,000.00 settlement offer from Cst. Colleen Sterling’s lawyer was “a business decision.”
  • selectively provides information, “The majority of municipalities (207 out of 322) served by the OPP will see their policing costs increase under this new formula.” note: 207 will see an average increase of about $83 per property, while 115 communities will see their cost decrease by about $70 per property.
  • as a police services board member/candidate has not committed to negotiating the removal of the ‘poison pill’ clause that only applies to disbandment and the OPP
  • has not answered specific questions about the contract: if a consultant was hired to negotiate and if there was a competitive process.
  • states, ‘we must continue to lobby the Province of Ontario to make changes to the arbitration system that has systematically driven up the costs of policing.’ note: according to the Police Association of Ontario’s Interest Arbitration Facts, “The fact is that Ontario’s arbitration system is not broken … in fact it is rarely used.”
  • claims “…Amherstburg the safest place in Canada for three consecutive years.” note: Barrie is the safest city in Canada, says crime rate stats
  • is a member of the police services board that is a respondent in James Saxon v. Amherstburg Police Service Board and Amherstburg Police Association regarding an allegation of discrimination because of age.

By comparison,


  • has stated he will engage the community
  • has answered all the questions from the burg watch readers
  • was the only Mayoral Candidate to answer Lloyd Brown-John’s questions
  • answered my personal questions posted here on the burg watch
  • answered all my personal questions i emailed to him.

So yes, I found the difference and I am confident other voters will too.