Scott Kendell Answers Dr. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions

Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions To The Candidates were posted on September 18, 2014, although no answers would be published until after the Chamber of Commerce candidate event to avoid any possibility of some candidates not doing their independent research.

Although the Chamber of Commerce may not have used them, two councillor candidates answered the questions; Scott Kendell’s answers are below and Glenn Swinton’s are in a separate post.

Question: What is “Transparency” in municipal financial management terms?
Question: What is “Accountability”?
Question: What is a “Budget”?
Question: What is the Municipal Assessment “Mill Rate”? What is Amherstburg’s current residential Mill Rate? Supplemental Question: What is the Name of the Agency Responsible for municipal property assessments?
Question: What is Council’s role in respect to Infrastructure Municipal Debenture funding?

Transparency In order to maintain trust to the public it is important that procedures and policies are clearly set out and accessible to everyone, and that the day to day operations are transparent.

Accountability Policies that are followed in regards to sale of lands, goods and services provided to the municipality. When how and where Information is provided upfront to the public.

Operating budgets are for municipal expenses salary’s, utilities maintenance of buildings etc. Capital budgets provide for infrastructure new and in future new facilities equipment repair construction etc.  and its financing.

Municipal mill rate is the tax rate at one thousands of currency unit. Property tax, The amount of tax per dollar of accessed value of said property. Amherstburg’s current residential mill rate is Municipal 0.00881967,County 0.00447203 Education 0.00203000   The agency’s name is MPAC

Councils role is to represent the public and develop and implement policies as required to maintain financial integrity of the municipalities for long term commitments or projects of value to same.

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