More Comments on $12,000.00 Poll From Members of Council

Members of Amherstburg Town Council were advised of the Poll results that indicated 75% felt council should not have spent $12,000.00 on the law firm.

Additionally, I offered my personal opinion: “has council established a precedent whereby it acts on someone’s suggestion and/or offer? an RFP should have been issued. regardless, if we can afford to spend $12,000.00 on what might prove to be a duplicate process, then there is money to spend on improved accessibility at the town hall, truly making the town’s website accessible, and offering increased accessibility through internet voting.”

In addition to Councillor Leo Meloche’s response, the following replied.

Councillor Rick Fryer: Thank you.

Councillor Diane Pouget did not comment on accessibility improvements, but responded: Thanks Linda.  I stand by my decision. Please feel free to call if you wish to discuss.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo:  Since my voting position has been covered by all of the area’s media outlets, I don’t think I need to get into it again.  Council has made a democratic decision and I am obligated, as the Mayor, to move that decision forward.

This voting process does not provide for any precedent that I am aware of.  Council is still bound by the procedural by-law in place.

The Town continues to work towards a fully accessible website.  It remains a priority that will require funding to accomplish.

Although I know these comments don’t explicitly answer your questions, I hope it provides some more clarity of Council’s actions.

Commentary by Linda Saxon

2 thoughts on “More Comments on $12,000.00 Poll From Members of Council

  1. hi sarah,

    thanks for your question! i think the community should fight to keep GAHS in its current location. generally, it is less expensive to renovate than to build new. i reviewed the PARC School Information Profile, which includes references to no accessible washrooms and amenities for students and staff, no lift/elevator and no to the question if the entire building is wheelchair accessible. the three accessible parking spaces at the back are the result of my human rights complaint settlement with the town.

    i did not see any mention that the building is in such disrepair that it should be abandoned, so i see no reason why renovations could not be undertaken to ensure the building is barrier-free. i emailed the PARC and school board trustee that there is no mention of cost to ensure that GAHS is made barrier-free and inquired if cost estimates would be obtained prior to a decision on the status of the school.

    i will post any response i receive.


  2. Hi Mrs. Saxon,
    You are obviously very knowledgeable about the topic of accessible and barrier-free environments. Do you think we should be fighting to keep the current building that houses Amherst open? Would we be able to make it barrier-free and accessible (not sure of the cost)? Or should we be looking at requesting a new school that could be built from the ground up, accessible and barrier-free? I am interested in your perspective and thoughts on this matter.
    Thank you

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