How Then-Candidate Diane Pouget Answered About OPP Costing

For the first time in an election campaign, the burg watch provided a forum for Amherstburg residents to submit questions to council candidates in 2014.

As a result, questions were raised about police costings, a hot topic given the amount of debt the municipality burdened its ratepayers with.

Of those that were elected, here’s how they answered:

Question 6. Obtain OPP Costing, Remove Contract Clause

Q. If elected, will you commit to council obtaining an OPP costing and if appointed to the police services board, will you commit to removing the OPP takeover clause in the police contract? If running for re- election, why did you not consider doing the above?

A. Yes. It is only common sense that one should compare costs, whether it is police, banking, engineering, garbage pick up, etc. I believe it is of the utmost importance to remove the OPP clause, because it is unfair to our residents and should never have been included in the police contract.

Question 13. Police Contract Buyout Clause

A. No answer

Question 18. Eliminate Police Contract Poison Pill Clause

Q. Do you believe the Poison Pill Clause should be eliminated in the Police Contract in order to get an OPP costing to compare the costs of policing of OPP versus Amherstburg Police.

A. Yes I believe the Poison Pill Clause should be eliminated in the Police Contract to get an OPP costing. This is not to say that we must go with the OPP, but it is only fair to obtain this cost comparison for our residents.